Professional Photography of Scripps College Commencement by GradPortraits

Here's the photographic reportage of your graduate at commencement, available for your purchase. 

You'll find images of your graduate departing Denison Library (through doors open only twice a year - for the freshman class and then the graduating class) as well as images of your graduate 
immediately after receiving her diploma.

To enhance the security of these images we have a system preventing outsiders from accessing your graduates pictures by creating a paper trail to possible violators and deterring them from purchasing imagery 
(we've seen evidence of this at other colleges )

Our enhanced security system allows you access to your graduate's images when you submit a $10 credit card payment. When you do this you will receive a $20 credit towards your purchase

A Very Important Note
You MUST enter your DISCOUNT CODE upon checkout to receive your $20 discount.  This code is a multiple alphanumeric string that will be in the e-mail you receive with your password. It must be entered into the code field before you check out. You will NOT receive the $20 discount if you do not enter the code.

Follow this link to purchase your graduate's images.

Be sure to visit our website and view our short video on Scripps College's Commencement.

Another Very Important Note
Since we are extending our window of opportunity for purchasing imagery past July 11, any orders placed after 9pm PST on July 11 will be fulfilled July 29 as The Studio will be closed 
during this time for our annual Summer Retreat & Workshops.

The Link to Your 2014 Graduates' Image Archive Will Expire on July 31!

Congratulations to you and your graduate!